A Conversation with Rivka Rothstein

A Conversation with Rivka Rothstein

Written on 07/21/2020
by Pierre

Colorado native based in Berlin. Rivka Rothstein likes to describe herslef as an : "artist disguised as a massage therapist and vice versa...but let's be real, it's all the same thing anyway."



She is the cofounder of Bim BIm Art Collective, and connector for Indigo Berlin (with Amaury Bouquet). She believes art has the power to connect and awaken people to themselves. The art-experience, in particular, is a place where consequences disappear, where performance and experiential environments can invite people to connect - both to themselves and others - on true, deep levels. She believes in such spaces we are able to build bridges to our inner selves, as well as across the differences we perceive in each other.



"True art is the intermediary between man's ordinary nature and his higher potentialities." ~ E.F. Schumacher in "A Guide for the Perplexed"



What does mindfulness mean to you?

Mindfulness to me means focusing on my inner development and healing, which is the foundation for living with conscious awareness in the day to day reality, being open to personal growth, listening to myself and others, and living life with the intent to bring light and love both to myself and to the world.


When did you first start your journey ?

A sudden and intense past-life regression kicked it all off, actually, which was closely followed by physical problems that I chose to solve through alternative medicine and a self-care practice. This was then followed and supported by reading the book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.




What are you the most proud of?

The fact that I keep striving to learn and develop myself


What are you working on?

BIMBIM Art collective, Indigo Berlin, organizing a global meditation for peace, next steps in the field of bodywork, and, of course, myself! As always! :D



What would you like to be remembered for?

I don’t really think about this question, but I suppose for being there and truly listening to people, especially in times of need.




If you were an animal, a plant or anything other than a Human Being ... What would you be?

Probably an oak tree. They’ve got to be the epitome of balance and wisdom in the natural world. Or maybe an electron so I could know the field of probability that is before the material world is realized! :D



Is there anything you want to ask to the Community?

. People in bodywork: what are some certifications/workshops you would recommend?

. What knowledge or skills have proven the most effective in your practice?

. What realms or directions do you wish you had explored earlier? 

Would there be anyone interested in leading and doing a weekly virtual group mediation?