A Conversation with Michael Nicholas

A Conversation with Michael Nicholas

Written on 05/30/2020
by Pierre

Name: Michael Nicholas

City: NYC

Hashtags bio: #Creative #Software #Learner #Engineer



What does mindfulness mean to you?

Being open and aware to all around me.


How did you first start your journey to mindfulness?

I’ve had a level of awareness for many years, and began reading to expand my knowledge and reality when I was a teenager, but probably the biggest impact on my life was when I learned Transcendental Meditation in 2009. I’ve been practicing twice daily ever since.


What are you the most proud of, so far?

Probably the fact that no matter how many failures or setbacks I’ve had both personally and professionally in my life, I remain positive, resilient, and more and more determined and dedicated to making a real and lasting impact within the world.


What would you like to be remembered for?

Eradicating poverty and inequality in the world.


Any recommendations for books?

I won’t list any specific books, but I will say to always be reading. I believe we’re all on our own journey, and our needs differ accordingly. Read what you're drawn to, then read more on the subject until you feel like you have a good understanding of it. The next step in your journey will naturally show itself to you when you’re ready for it.


If you were an animal, a plant or anything else than a Human Being ... What would you be?

I would be water, as I think it would be really fascinating to experience the water lifecycle and all the places that would take you over an immense expanse of time. And I wouldn't have to worry about getting wet!


Is there anything you want to ask to the Community?

I am launching Troo (https://troo.co/) a Public Benefit Corporation. We’re going to offer a platform where users can build meaningful connections while having full control over their data. I’m currently looking both for people to join the team and for potential users who want to play a part in healing the world and spotlighting ethics within the business community.