A conversation with Christine Ra

A conversation with Christine Ra

Written on 05/07/2020
by Pierre

NAME: Christine Ra


HASHTAGS BIO: #greentech #biophilicdesign #circulareconomy 

BACKGROUND FACTS: Christine Ra is an entrepreneur and real estate broker in New York City with more than 13 years experience in real estate. Her educational background includes studies in geology, materials science, behavioral science and entrepreneurship at Columbia University and MIT. She currently leads the Greenwell Team at Compass, highlighting sustainable properties in NYC and green building retrofits.

She combines her passion for the planet, buildings, and biophilic design to create beautiful human habitats integrated with nature. In addition to this, Christine is a trained medium, specializing in information retrieval and focused on helping people discover and align with their life’s true purpose. She is a writer, a musician, longtime meditator, a member of Mensa, and a dedicated student of Hermeticism.


What does mindfulness mean to you?

The state of being aware and in communication with the all in concert with the individual self.


How did you first start your journey to mindfulness?

A series of books that led me along a path.


What are you the most proud of, so far?

Compassion, acceptance, joy and integrity through expanded experience and perspective.


What would you like to be remembered for?

Integrating ancient and modern knowledge.


Any recommendations for books?

. Vasistha's Yoga - Swami Venkatesananda
. Power vs Force - David R. Hawkins 
. Seven Taoist Masters, a folk novel of China - Eva Wong 
. Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by Nature - Janine M. Benyus 
. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams


If you were an animal, a plant or anything else than a Human Being ... What would you be?

A transmogrifier


Is there anything you want to ask to the Community?

Practice pitching and public speaking in small groups


Let’s finish with 3 words. Your own three words...

We can dance