A Conversation with Kirat Randhawa

A Conversation with Kirat Randhawa

Written on 02/11/2020
by Pierre

Name: Kirat Randhawa

City: NYC

Hashtags Bio: #contemplativementor #akindrupture #clinicalpsychologist

Background Facts: Kirat is a contemplative mentor and the founder of A Kind Rupture: an independent offering that implements contemplative training into client work as a method to explore oneself intimately. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University.


Through A Kind Rupture, Kirat aims to bridge the gap between the intellect and the intuition by working with young women to foster clarity on personal fulfillment, self-acceptance, and graceful independence. Kirat’s vision has to do with combining buddhist philosophy within a traditional psychotherapeutic framework . Indeed, she uses a number of contemplative practices, like meditation, dialogue, and journaling, to support individuals in cultivating a state of flourishing. Within her studies research, Kirat is investigating the role of contemplative training within the field of psychology and how associated practices can be used as instruments for individual and societal transformation.

Whilst completing research at The Contemplative Sciences Center at The University of Virginia, Kirat has been actively involved with undeserved local communities across NYC. Working with them, she is looking to identify and deconstruct the multilayered conditioning that prohibits human flourishing.

We are delighted to have Kirat as one of our Indigo member.  See her replies to our Portrait-Interview :



What does mindfulness mean to you?

A tool to become intimately familiar with all that is.


How did you first start your journey to mindfulness?

I was highly unsatisfied with the way I saw life unfolding for myself and those around me. I always had an inclination to turn inward and dwell there, and studying Buddhism solidified my decision to turn my attention inward, and begin my investigation as to why life was the way it was.


What are you the most proud of, so far?

Befriending myself in all my forms. And from that place, being able to support others in doing the same.


What would you like to be remembered for?

My capacity to face hardship for the greater good of humanity

Any recommendations for books?

. Man's Search for Meaning  -  Frankl
. Modern man in search for a soul _  Carl Jung
. The autobiography of a yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda‎
. 12 rules for life - Jordan Peterson


If you were an animal, a plant or anything else than a Human Being ... What would you be?

A giraffe.  A graceful animal that commands attention and who need not be aggressive to maintain respect on the land.


Is there anything you want to ask to the Community?

I've just launched a new contemplative mentoring program to support young women in establishing an internal foundation for a flourishing life. Do let me know if you know anyone that would be interested. I'd love to continue to serve the community in the ways that feel most authentic to me.


Let’s finish with 3 words. Your own three words...

Love, Compassion, and Growth