573 Sackett St Gowanus
Feb 17 - Jun 8
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This introductory course is designed to give everyday coffee lovers a deeper understanding of specialty coffee. We’ll cover:
FUN AND NEON SIGN MAKING (Sustainable Energy)
16 Cypress Ave Bushwick
Feb 13 - Apr 26
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We are making Neon signage with LED's because it's FUN and green. Compared with traditional glass neon lights, neon wall lights are brighter and more beautiful and are not easily damaged and broken, no noise, safe and environmentally friendly. Reducing energy consumption is one way to go green. Another is to reduce the amount of toxic materials released into the environment.
The Well Collective presents:
Join Richard Rudd for a live virtual retreat and explore your Activation Sequence. This live series invites you on a voyage of self-illumination, to unlock the hidden potential of your Genius.
Acesso Base Aerea Cumbica s/n Rod. Hélio Smidt
From 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm
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Junte-se a nós para curtir as atrações do FESTIV’ALL, que ocorrerá de 04/02/20 a 04/03/20 nos hotéis ALL da américa latina. As experiências são exclusivas para membros e você pode associar-se gratuitamente clicando aqui.
Keen to build sustainability & agility into your organization? How would turn key systems & the latest in project management sound to you?
Wildlife Conservation in Africa: The New Way Forward
42nd St & 1st Ave Sunset Park Brooklyn
Mar 3 - Mar 4
“Take urgent action to end poaching and trafficking of protected species of flora and fauna and address both demand and supply of illegal wildlife products.” SDG 15- LIFE ON LAND
Once each month, we invite a sustainable textile vendor to present their materials, fibers and processes. Join us for March’s Textile Tuesday with Nidhi Garg, founder of Marasim. Marasim means ‘connections’ and is a NYC based company focused around craftsmanship. Marasim leverages its strength of a contact base of millions of grassroots artisans in India and in house team of textile and QC experts, to bridge the gap between the traditional artisans and global designers, encouraging- craft design innovation, knowledge sharing and handmade fashion.
On March 3rd, we’ll explore what sustainability means in the world of agriculture and how the 6 capitals of sustainability are addressed, the challenges of uniting a farming community in a common goal, the benefit to consumers and partners and the future of sustainable wine-growing in Sonoma County.
Sustainability Masterclass
155 Water St Dumbo
Mar 5 - Mar 6
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Ensemble 11: The Future of Food
339 Queen St E Old Toronto
From 12:30 am to 04:00 am
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As our world continues to grow so do our appetites.  And as we move past the 7 Billion mark in global population, the challenges and even moral dilemmas in the path to feeding everyone are only on the grow and the traditional agriculture industry alone doesn't seem to be the solution.
Oficina: Imagem-Palavra
512 R. Mauá Centro Histórico de São Paulo
From 01:00 am to 03:00 am
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Oficina prático-teórica a cerca das relações entre imagem e palavra, partindo da pesquisa pessoal da artista Indiara Nicoletti; “Imagem-palavra; A intersecção entre artes visuais e literatura, partindo da história da gravura.”
Her Sustainable Life Creator and Sustainability Expert Dianna Rose, will host an engaging and interactive 5-series workshop at Queens Central Library starting every Thursday at 6:30PM to 8PM beginning March 12th to April 9th, 2020. During the workshop series guest can expect to learn the basics about sustainability, why sustainability matters, how to apply and adapt simple sustainable practices, and how together we can all make a collective community impact. Not to mention great #sustainableswag from some of the leading sustainable brands. Invite a friend and RSVP!
Sustainable Solutions: Natural Materials
520 8th Ave Manhattan
From 12:00 am to 02:00 am
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Each month Sustainable Solutions examines different concepts within the sustainable fashion movement. This month, natural materials. What are they, what new natural materials are being used to make fabric, and how does it effect the earth?
655 Dixon Rd Etobicoke
Apr 7 - Apr 8
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Canada's #1 conference/expo for cleaning, maintenance, infection control and sustainable environment solutions, with over 1500 professionals
Fab Planet 2020
76 E 13th St Manhattan
Apr 25 - Apr 26
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OUT for Sustainability’s Fab Planet Summit is for passionate thinkers and doers at the intersection of LGBTQ identity and sustainability.
123 Queen St W Old Toronto
From 02:30 pm to 10:30 pm
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The Hydrogen Business Council is pleased to announce the sixth of its successful hydrogen conference events planned for May 20, 2020 in Toronto. The theme of this conference will be "Hydrogen and Sustainability: Local Roles for Global Goals”. Simply put, we want to explore the entire suite of clean hydrogen applications as part of a broader effort to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. But we want to do this in a way that creates an emergent and self-sustaining Canadian community of end users, product suppliers, project developers, system integrators, and supporting infrastructure. Not only will we aim at major reductions of CO2 emissions from transportation sources , we will also make use of locally produced 'surplus' off-peak zero emission electricity - and we will be helping to develop a proto-cluster of cleantech industries here in Ontario and Canada.
Future of Sustainable Travel
424 W 54th St Manhattan
From 12:45 am to 03:00 am
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Did you know transportation is the #1 emitter of global carbon emissions?
Sustainability Conference for Future Sustainable Societies 2020
1265 Military Trail Scarborough
From 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm
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Sustainable Development Network (SDN), a chapter organization of HSDN, is organizing a conference on cultural diversity and sustainable societies. The event will consist of raising awareness and promoting practical models for sustainable development through cooperation, collaboration and striving to reconcile economic growth with environmental interests and the protection of unique societal practices, cultures, and traditions in mind.
Future of Sustainable Food
424 W 54th St Manhattan
From 12:45 am to 03:00 am
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Did you know that 13% of global carbon emissions come from the agriculture industry, second only to all transportation?
VegHeads Market 2020
173 601 Christie St
Oct 4 - Oct 5
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Explore a whole plant forward market in a century-old streetcar facility that has been redesigned and transformed. Discover a lifestyle which manifests us to move forward in creating a sustainable planet.